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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Is Your On Boarding Experience Turning Away Good Users? Review

User adoption is the lifeblood of every product company. Corporate, startup, bootstrapped or otherwise, if your company’s “user faucet” was shut off, everything would wither up and die.

Of course, having just a trickle of all your signups becoming full-fledged users isn’t exactly a winning strategy, either. A lot of late nights and hard-earned dollars went into creating your product and sending people to it – how many of those people are surviving the journey?

Onboarding Doesn’t Have To Be A Bottleneck

A poor onboarding experience makes every part of a product company work harder: marketing teams have to acquire more and more visitors to keep filling a leaky funnel, and sales & support teams have to spend their days hand-holding confused signups instead of scaling things out for the whole user base.

That pulls resources away from the product itself, resulting in slower growth, missed opportunities, and competitors passing you by.

It’s like breathing through a straw – sure you can do it, but it’s exhausting. And you sure won’t win any races while doing it. Remove the bottleneck, and you go from surviving to flourishing.

You Can Do Better, And I will Show You How

In my onboarding consulting work, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of patterns, tricks, and techniques for acquiring and retaining more users, but none of them on their own are nearly as valuable as the framework and mindset for putting it all together.

This is what I live and breathe every day, but I can only take on so many consulting projects at a time. That’s why I’m now sharing everything I’ve learned.

User Onboard

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