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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

How To Scrape Data From Twitter Profile Pages Review

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while. Mainly because it is a frequent support query, and it would be easier to have a proper article to point people to than constantly re-write the same answers (and I am lazy).

This is the first ever guest post published on the URL Profiler blog, and we are delighted to welcome Benjamin Beck to share his thoughts with us. You will almost definitely be aware of Benjamin’s work, as he’s one of those guys that just seems to be everywhere.

Twitter announced recently that they are going to close down the API that provides share counts for webpages. This means that share buttons (like the one above) will no longer display counts, and tools (like URL Profiler) will no longer be able to report on Twitter share counts.

Ok, I lied. It’s actually only 5 reasons. BUT I did look at 25,000 sites in the process… As we’ve all been told, Google plan to wreak havoc with the mobile SERPs, starting next Tuesday. You can avoid this drama by having a mobile-optimised site, and obtaining a nice ‘mobile-friendly’ tag from Google.

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