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Increase User Activation And Engagement Review

Create in-application tutorials that guide your users as they use your web application

Engage your users

Improve user engagement by displaying in-app guided tours that help users perform tasks in your web application. Show a “getting started” tour when they log in for the first time. Highlight advanced or unused features when the time is right.

Better than documentation

Let us face it: Users don’t read documentation; Users don’t watch feature videos. What if you could explain features from within the application, as your users interact with them? Now you can, with Tour My App.

No coding required

Just add a few lines of Javascript to your pages, and then our powerful Tour Builder allows you to create and change tours through a GUI interface. Say goodbye to mucking around in code and re-deploying your app every time you want to make a change.

Fully interactive tours

Tour My App allows you to create completely interactive tours, where you can progress the tour when users perform specific actions, like clicking a button or typing some text.

Tour My App

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