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The Short Answers To Every Matt Cutts Video Review

Since early 2009 Google’s Matt Cutts has recorded a superhuman number of videos to help struggling site owners understand their site in search. While the videos are great, sometimes the guy just needs to get to the point. With that in mind we’ve done the hard work and watched every Matt Cutts video to pull out simple, concise versions of his answers: The Short Cutts!

What is The Short Cutts?

The concept of this website was developed by the bright sparks at Click Consult, a leading UK digital agency with a focus on search marketing.

Avid followers of Matt Cutts’ video blog, the search aficionados at Click lost many hours watching Cutts’ enlightening explanations on how Google perceives websites.

The videos were pivotal to the team’s understanding of search engine optimisation and they were keen to share his wisdom. However, they felt they could help viewers by editing his sometimes long-winded videos into nuggets of search gold.

Thus, The Short Cutts was born. Here, you can find clear, succinct versions of Cutts’ answers to the search questions that have been keeping you up at night.

The Short Cutts

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