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TF-IDF: Scientific Onpage SEO Review

Scientific Tool Optimizes Your Content

By analyzing a chosen keyword and the text you want to rank for it, Text Tools generates a detailed report of semantically related terms used in the highest-ranking webpages in search results for that keyword!

Analyze Your Market And Competitors

Gain insights into how high-ranking competitors achieve their results by scientifically comparing their content to yours.

Create Targeted Content For Your Niche

This semantic analysis suggests the best terms to include in your text, and how your competitors compare. You can analyze as many different keywords and texts as you want – uncovering more and more ways to improve your content and send highly-targeted traffic to your site.

Get Better, More Stable Search Rankings

Increase the relevance of website content, and to make that content more discoverable to search engines.


We measure the importance or weight of your terms or keywords. Think about this as Keyword Density 2.0. It is done by comparing your term against a larger set of documents using a better variation of the TFIDF formular, so we can find important terms.

Synonyms and Close Variants

If you want to rank for “dog pics”, adding terms like “dog photos”, “puppy pictures”, “pictures dog” and “dog photo” to your text might result in better rankings. We give you all the important synonyms to include!


If you target “how to play texas holdem”, Search Engines expect the occurrence of related terms like “strategy”, “community cards”, “players”, “table”, hand”. We tell you which related terms are important for your targeted keyword and beneficial to include as well.

Text Tools

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