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Made For Folks Who Really Know SEO Review

Some reasons why you’d want to work here:

We’re growing.

STAT is young, profitable, and 100% revenue-driven.

We’ll keep you on your toes.

Expect lots of variety, inventiveness, and willingness to rethink what it means to be an enterprise software company.

We have lives.

Excellent work is what’s valued—not brutal hours. Hefty vacations and flexible hours are part of how we do it.

We’re a motley crew.

Diversity is rad. Everyone is welcome here. Dress as weird as you want.

We like puppies.

They wander in and out of our open and collaborative Gastown office.

We’re experts for experts.

STAT is way more than a web app. We’re a data partner for SEO experts. To us, it’s all about whip-smart, one-on-one service for people who demand some extra attention to detail.

We don’t put up roadblocks.

Your data belongs to you, no matter what. Our clients are always free to export or integrate their SERP metrics via our unlimited API. There’s no lock-in. Not ever.

We encourage ambition.

We reward big thinking with per-keyword rates that make any SEO ambitions seem possible. No packages or tiers or credits. No add-ons or per-seat licensing. Whatever scale you need.


A collection of SEO and Marketing resources and tools to help you build your website startup.


We handpick all the resources that appear on ToolsWeLike and are always looking for ideas and suggestions on new tools to feature.


And the tools to make it happen.
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