SERP Keyword Tool Review
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Updated 23 April 2021 by Max

Rank Index Chart Review

See trends for first position, top 3 positions, and top 10 positions, and compare your most recent data to the last 8 weeks. Charts automatically update to reflect filters in the keyword report.

Rank Analysis

Explore your ranking trends easily with our keywords report. See aggregate trends or drill down by tag, device, and degree of change.

Google Analytics Integration

Compare/correlate traffic with rankings. Quickly see organic trends with the 30-day trend chart, which compares organic traffic to expected traffic, based on a 4-week trailing average.

Link Explorer

Quickly find links to any domain. Search by root domain, sub domain, or exact URL to return links with anchor text, page authority, and domain authority. Powered by Moz.

SERP Keyword Tool

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