With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS.

InlineManual Review

Its many features, easy implementation and customizable content enable us to create engaging guides for our users that find them very helpful. Review

Easy setup and you get to see when your company is mentioned on various social media services.

Nickelled Review

With Nickelled you can create how-to guides for your customers. They are perfect to give product tours to prospective customers, train new and old users and fix customer problems.

Meekan Scheduling Review

Meekan matches everyone’s calendars, and quickly finds common free times. Add our robot to any of your Slack channels, and just ask for a new meeting.

Hopscotch Review

A Hopscotch tour consists of a tour id, an array of tour steps defined as JSON objects, and a number of tour-specific options.

UX Archive Review

UX Archive Review

Listen to your favorite news, comedy, sports and talk radio shows and podcasts on demand from your iPhone or iPad, on your schedule, not the schedule of traditional stations.

Code My UI Review

Code My UI Review

Handpicked code snippets you can use in your web projects. Find website design inspiration with code samples.

UX Recipe Review

UX Recipe Review

This project is a personal manifesto against the objectification of the term “UX”. It’s more than UI, it’s more than a PSD file.

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