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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Microsoft Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox: What Should Matter To Users And Developers? Review

After the Wall Street Journal published a comparison of the top browsers, ProgrammableWeb editor-in-chief David Berlind felt compelled to debate the article’s insinuation that modern browsers should be judged first on speed. In Berlind’s mind, support for the W3C’s Javascript APIs may reign supreme.

Vonage to Acquire Twilio Arch Nemesis Nexmo for $230M

Vonage today announced that it is acquiring communications platform-as-a-service provider Nexmo in a cash and stock deal valued at $230 million. Nexmo counts some 350 customers and over 100,000 registered developers, and says that it is processing 5 billion API calls every year.

What Are Microservices and Why Should You Use Them?

Traditional software development saw the creation of large, monolithic applications that encompassed all possible business activities that application may need. The newer microservice-based application architecture allows for applications that can scale by developing small, distinct components.

Understanding The Role of APIs In Microservice Architectures

In part 1, we talked about microservice architectures and how they can be used to build scalable applications. In part 2, we look at what distinguishes a typical Web API that you might add to your enterprise from a microservice (with an API) and when the two approaches make sense.

Freshdesk Unveils New Version of its API

This weekend, customer support software provider Freshdesk rolled out the latest version of its API. The Freshdesk API v2.0 aims to make it easier for developers to integrate with Freshdesk and offers developers access to features and functionality not available in the existing version of the API.


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