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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

The Easiest Way To Schedule Posts Review

It’s the new King of Silicon Valley despite not wearing a crown, and is becoming the trendy new profession within online businesses despite his youth. And even though it’s only been around for six years, companies such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Dropbox and Airbnb have already started to bet heavily on achieving excellent results.

Are you busy thinking about how to create infographics so interesting that those who discover them can’t stop looking at them again and again? And do you want to achieve this goal in as little time as possible? Don’t despair!

These days, in which “everything is taken in through the eyes”, seems to be truer than ever; especially in the Digital Marketing field. Social Networks and websites give an increasing importance to visual elements, and this is why today I’ll share with you 15 graphic design terms that every marketer should know.

We recently shared with you an Introduction to YouTube Marketing, whose intention was to explain why you should add your brand to this Social Network. As the second part, today I will explain to you more specifically how Advertising on YouTube works and what the types of advertisements are that you can use.


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