Portent Content Idea Generator Review

How Does Portent Content Idea Generator Compare Against Other Tools? Find Out With Our Review

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Portent Content Idea Generator Review

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  • Don’t capitalize keywords (except proper nouns)
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  • Revise the result to create your own fantastic (grammatically correct) headline

How to Create a Content Strategy

This is a really, really, really long piece. There’s no TL;DR version. That’s because content marketing has a lot of steps. I’ve tried to focus on the planning, break it down and explain those steps, so that a writer who knows their way around a computer or a marketing geek who knows how to write can take this and kick things off within their organization. And hey, if you’ve got other things to do and don’t have time to read something this long, maybe you should hire us to handle your content marketing.

Updated: You’ll notice that I now use the phrase “content marketing”. I can only ice skate uphill for so long. Everyone uses the phrase now, so I need to as well. Speak the audience’s language. But this isn’t just a semantic update. I’ve added a few bits, too.

First, while this piece is about content marketing, it focuses on the “getting started” steps. A lot of people call these steps “content strategy.” This article goes a little beyond that, getting to best practices and a few favorite tools.

Kicking off any content marketing process starts with the strategy, then moves into some basic process planning. This is how we do it at Portent:

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  • Existing content inventory
  • Competitive analysis
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Building the “machine” around best practices, tools and people

Portent Content Idea Generator


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Portent Content Idea Generator Review

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