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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Downtime Hurts Are You Ready? Review

Free website uptime monitoring

We are so sure that you’ll find our focus on performance driven uptime website monitoring to be an ally to your business, we invite you to try our services for free. Pingometer is easy to setup with no installation, and it’s simple to use. The free plan offers one monitor, choice of frequency check to your site from every one to 30 minutes, email support, and many more features to explore our services without making a single payment. This plan is generally best for those who operate a personal website or blog that’s not marketed in any way, doesn’t attempt to sale a product or service, and generally has low levels of web traffic.

Small plan

Get access to five monitors in three locations with email and phone support from the Pingometer team with the small account plan. You choose if you want Pingometer to monitor your site every 60 seconds or every half hour (or somewhere in between). Rest assured you get no false positives with Pingometer alerts. When we contact you with a downtime message, we have checked and reconfirmed the challenge before we contact your team. This package is likely best for those who run a small eCommerce business and have just one site to manage.

Most popular plan

Get 15 monitors and access to add five groups and contacts to be alerted by Pingometer if downtime is detected. With our recommended and most popular plan, you’ll also receive your choice of frequency checks as with all our plans, the 100% accuracy guarantee and email and phone support. With our most chosen plan, Pingometer also offers data matching, which allows us to perform more precise searches that produce more efficient results. Utilize this plan if your small to medium business is strongly focused on online sales with customers constantly reaching you through your site.

Large plan

Our data matching and SSL verification, also available with our medium and x-large plans, keeps your customers’ information secure and their payments safe when you join Pingometer with our large plan. Imagine 25 monitors in five locations tracking your website uptime. Pingometer will monitor your site as often as every minute and give you access to 10 groups and contacts for us to reach in the event we detect website downtime. If you need to monitor multiple websites or you have a large eCommerce based business, the large plan will likely work best for you.

X-Large plan

The X-Large Plan, as with all plans from Pingometer, allows you to customize the frequency of our checks, and has unlimited event storage. Take advantage of Pingometer’s direct phone and live chat support, 50 monitors in 10 locations and up to 25 users on one account. Add up to 25 groups and contacts for Pingometer’s team to get in touch with if a challenge is detected. Large corporations that need constant monitoring from different parts of the world, as their product reaches several different countries, should rely on this plan.


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