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Frequently Asked Questions Review

Is The Personalization Completely Automated?

Yes and no. The personalization is automated and renders as a complete introductory sentence or paragraph. However, we do recommend that users review and tie back the personalization before sending out Nova-customized messages. Think of Nova’s personalization technology as reducing the amount of time required to send a compelling, well researched message from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Does Nova Do Drip Campaigns?

Yes. With Nova, you can send drip campaigns, save your templates for re-use, and track opens, clicks, and replies all within the product. Consider Nova to be a highly improved version of your current favorite sales drip campaign software.

Can People Tell The Difference Between Nova Personalization And One That Has Been Done By A Person?

Not at all, actually. A lot of technology has gone into making Nova create fluid, natural sentences that flow as well as those written by an actual person.

How Much Of A Difference Does Nova Make In The Success Of My Outreach?

A dramatic one. Customers typically report a 250-350% increase in CTR and positive response rates using Nova, as opposed to with pure templated emails. This makes sense; everyone likes knowing that she/he is not just one of thousands receiving the same boilerplate messaging.


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