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Connector Review

Connector lets you schedule and send personalized outreach emails via your Google account. Use our proven templates and enjoy scheduling, tracking, and automated follow-up sequences.

Notifier Review

Find mentions in your posts and notify them.

Scan your blog post and we’ll find anyone you mentioned. Notifier increases your shares by letting you tweet at those people, letting them know they got a mention.

Training Review

10X your marketing abilities in 10 weeks.

Our training will teach you how to apply the best content marketing strategies and tactics specifically for your website.

Each week, you’ll attend a 60 to 75-minute lecture and every Friday you’ll have access to a 90-minute office hour session. By the end you’ll walk away with everything you need to build a successful blog that drives tens of thousands of visitors each month.

Notifier By Content Marketer

A collection of SEO and Marketing resources and tools to help you build your website startup.


We handpick all the resources that appear on ToolsWeLike and are always looking for ideas and suggestions on new tools to feature.


And the tools to make it happen.
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