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Competitive Intelligence For Email Marketers Review

Loaded With Features

  • 10MM+ Campaigns from 500k+ Brands
  • Real-time Search
  • Advanced Searching/Filtering
  • Keyword Trending Charts
  • Real-time Alerts & Daily Digests

The Email Campaign Search Engine

10MM+ Newsletters & 500k+ Publishers

Find the needle in the email haystack with our rapidly growing collection of campaigns.

Daily Digests & Instant Alerts

Save time and never miss a campaign with daily email digests of new campaigns for your favorite brands, or choose a Pro plan and get real-time alerts.

Advanced Searching & Filtering

Search and filter by subject, sender name, sender email address, body text, URL, ESP, date, Alexa rank, language and even color.

Realtime Updates

Campaigns are available for searching the instant they’re sent, and permanently archived.

Keyword Trending Charts

Spot trends with our interactive timeline viewer, then zoom in on important timeframes and specific dates to get a closer look.

24/7 Support

We’re here when you need us, whether it be for a question, bug report or product suggestion.


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