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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Google Ranking Factors Review

There’s a lot of information floating around these days about what makes a site rank. Most of it’s misinformed, outdated, or entirely untrue, because practically nobody cites their sources. Worst of all, the products/services that stem from that kind of recklessness are often dangerous.

Despite all that, we actually know a lot for certain about the way Google ranks sites. Real SEO knowledge doesn’t come from a random blogger, forum, or get-rich-quick scheme. The best information comes from three sources.

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  • Patent filings
  • Direct statements from Google and/or their team
  • Applying The Scientific Method

This resource is a complete guide to how Google ranks sites. We’ve included factors that are controversial or even outright myths, but created filters to hide the junk. The information below is updated constantly, so if you’re serious about SEO, we recommend signing up for quarterly updates (below) so that you don’t lose touch.

Northcutt Google Ranking Factors

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