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The Moz Blog Review

Traditional keyword research focuses on discovery, leaving you with a pile of keywords and a lot of guesswork to prioritize them. What if there were a better way? I explore four metrics you can use to evolve your keyword research.

Delivering a product page that delights customers and leads to increased conversions is easier than you think. Moosa Hemani brings us some no-nonsense advice when it comes to optimizing an e-commerce site that results in a positive user experience.

Voice search is poised to create a seismic shift in our industry. Purna Virji is here to answer three huge questions: who’s using voice search, how is it different from text queries, and how can you prepare?

SEO is everywhere you look. In today’s post, Dan Shure dives headfirst into the world of SEO for podcasting, exploring the surprising similarities and differences in ranking for iTunes and uncovering his journey in launching an SEO-oriented podcast.

Moz’s newest tool – Keyword Explorer – is available today. Read the post for all the details about the powerful new features, functionality, metrics, and data available from this comprehensive tool for keyword research.


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