Microsoft Flow Review

Updated 14 May 2021 by Max

Automate Your Time-Consuming Tasks Review


Set up flows that instantaneously deal with critical emails, notify the whole team whenever a work item is updated, or capture, track, and follow up with new sales leads—almost anything, all automatically.

Get started with Microsoft Flow

Each template is designed for a specific purpose such as sending you a text message when your boss emails you, adding Twitter leads to CRM, or backing up your files. These templates are just the tip of the iceberg and are intended to inspire you to create flows that are customized to the exact processes that you need.

After you sign in, explore the events that trigger the flow and the actions that result from those events. Play around with the settings to make the flow your own, and even add or delete actions.

Get creative

Now that you have some idea of what a flow can do and a bit of experience, create a flow from scratch based on these data sources and others:

    an Excel file in a cloud-storage account such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive

  • a Google sheet
  • a SharePoint list
  • Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with custom entities
  • a SQL Azure table

When you create a flow from scratch, the entire flow comes straight from your brain to the screen. You’re also free to explore different approaches such as the ones in these topics:

  • Flows with many steps
  • Run tasks on a schedule
  • Create an approval flow
  • Watch a flow in action
  • Publish a template

Microsoft Flow

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