Localize.js Review
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Updated 09 May 2019 by Max

Translate Your App Easily Review

Localize is a 1-line of code solution for translating websites and applications. Localize automatically detects the content on your website, loads it in to your dashboard, and provides an easy workflow for getting your content translated and deployed.

Localize automates the entire localization and translation process, decreasing development time from months to days.

Full control over your translations

Easily edit your translations. Changes to your translations are immediately displayed on your website in real time. No importing or exporting.

Add Localize to your website

Add our javascript code to your website. Your content is automatically detected and prepared for translation.

Translate your content

Order professional translations right from your Localize dashboard, or translate your content manually.

Instantly delivered

Localize automatically displays your translations on your website. Your visitors always see up-to-date translations.