Link Detox Review
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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

LinkResearchTools – The Link Data Platform Review

The most complete, freshest and consistent link data you can get.

  • Combined knowledge – 97 SEO metrics – 24 link backends
  • Fresh, complete and accurate link data! Recrawled for you.
  • Competitor Research, Site Audits and Link Quality Checks
  • Google Penalty Recovery with Link Detox

Fresh Backlink Data Delivered to You With Every Report

Are you looking for a link analysis tool that provides you unique features you won’t get elsewhere like a full aggregation of 24 sources, re-crawling, and validation of all links? A link redirect trace that shows you every redirect hop, classification of every link by Power* Trust, Buzz (social) and Impact (user engagement on site like comments, downloads) and every other magic feature you can dream of?

Confusing? Don’t worry – let’s just say that LinkResearchTools was built only because all other link data providers had incomplete pictures in the past and still have. Our philosophy is to combine all their great work into something even greater.

Link Research Tool

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