KISSmetrics Review
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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Convert The Right Customers And Build The Best Product Review

Learn where your best customers come from.

Finding new customers is far from easy, and turning them into repeat customers is even harder. And we marketers need to justify every dollar spent on a campaign.

Here’s a look at revenue metrics in Kissmetrics, broken down by the first traffic source.

Once you know where your most valuable customers are coming from, you can get more conversions from these channels.

Here you’ll see only 0.4% of your total site visits swipe their credit cards.

What’s keeping the other 99.6% from converting from your free trial?

Once you form hypotheses, you can run A/B tests to get more of your visitors to sign up or convert to paid customers.

Find out who your best customers are.

Kissmetrics will show you a profile of every visitor that makes it to your site or in your app.
Each individual profile might not give you significant findings at scale. But combine all this data with all of your visits, and you’ll know exactly who to target.


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