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What Is Onboarding? Review

Mobile users need an immediate sense of value when taking their first glance at a new app. But how? when we ask “what is onboarding?”, one answer would be that it is a promise for what’s ahead…

Why Do Mobile Users Delete Apps?

Give images an enhanced sense of place in your pages by adding the ‘.cast-shadow’ class. This gives images a subtle shadow and gives the illusion of depth.

Introduction To Mobile Personalization

Will attempt to explain what is personalization, what makes it a mobile must, what should be the goals when embracing it, and how to better use this wonderful and powerful tool.

What Is “Phased Mobile Onboarding”?

“phased onboarding”, a process that divides the onboarding procedure into different segments instead of presenting them all in the first encounter of users with an app.

A Beginner’s Guide To Mobile User Permission Requests

The following guide will present the basic rules to follow when creating a permission request strategy. It is, in a way, an etiquette manual for mobile marketers

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