Great Email Copy Review
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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Great Email Copy Review

CloudApp does a great job of removing the friction that many new users encounter with a new product. Instead of having to nag people to download the app, they’ve combined an email verification trigger with an automatic download action.

How does Netflix keep me coming back?

  • Notifications of fresh content I’ll like.
  • They know that I need help making decisions about what to watch.
  • Watching or adding to my queue is just one click away.

Mint isn’t waiting for anyone to log in: they’re providing you added value from the data already in their system and delivering it straight to your inbox.

Not only is Tumblr’s “you”-centric approach in line with the nomination for “best community on the internet” — it’s also a great reminder to consider the reader’s perspective and ensure your communication with them is actually a two-way street.

An account cancellation doesn’t mean it’s Goodbye Forever. Oyster would include a way to retain people as community members, brand advocates, or return customers.

I’m sure you’ve received emails telling you about 10 blog posts that you should read. Or when it comes time for a new feature announcement, they’ll cram 5 announcements into one email.

Munchery often sends beautiful image-filled emails, showing off delicious-looking dishes from their menu. But it was actually the personalized touches in this automated email that caught my eye.

Olark follows up with folks who have taken one important step of installing the live chat app on their site but haven’t started chatting yet.

Great Email Copy

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