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Does Your Site Follow The Google Webmaster Guidelines? Review

Mobile optimization guide

  • April 2015: Google began using mobile friendliness as a stronger ranking factor that “significantly” affects rankings worldwide.
  • January 2016: Mobile becomes part of the Google guidelines.
  • Feburary 2016: AMP pages go live in Google results.

A site is mobile friendly when it…

  • presents content well on a phone
  • does not need pinching / zooming
  • is easily readable on small screens
  • is easy to navigate with a finger
  • is helpful to someone using a phone
  • is understood properly by Google

This guide will discuss the steps to making your site mobile and improving your mobile SEO from the perspective of Google documentation.

Getting to your best mobile ranking

The quicker you can make your site mobile and ensure Google understands it, the quicker Google can rank you appropriately.

Mobile SEO means “mobile search engine optimization”. Even if you already have a mobile site, it may not be recognized as mobile by Google and this can affect how your pages are ranked.

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