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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

Temp Email Blog Review

They are used by every day people, every day.

Some think that using disposable email addresses are only used by criminals for devious purposes. In fact, most of the people we interact with us tell us they use these temp emails for much more mundane purposes. Perhaps they are stuck on screen that requires an email address in order to view an article or to try a promo/coupon code out. Literally hundreds of thousands of everyday people use disposable email addresses every day.

They do not affect a company’s email deliverability reputation.

Contrary to popular belief, when a company sends to a disposable email address, it does not negatively affect their email deliverability reputation. We’ve seen countless articles stating that sending emails to these temporary email address affects their sender reputation. This is just plain false.

There is an endless supply of them.

We’ve seen lists out there with over 5,000 email domains to block. Our own research puts that number closer to 18,000. EmailOnDeck itself has access to thousands of domains, none of which have even been listed yet to the public. The idea that someone will be able to create and manage a list of all DEAs is impractical.

Using them can help protect you from identity theft.

Identity theft has become a huge problem in the last 5 years. If you have experienced identity theft or know someone who has, you know how stressful it can be to overcome and right everything that has been wronged.

By using a disposable email, you don’t give companies your real email address. That means if the company was shady, or if the company has a security breach, your personal information isn’t compromised.


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