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Updated 05 August 2021 by Max

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Social media management

Discover and manage your readers via social networks. Engage more people and turn them to evangelists.

Performance tracking

Track the evolution of your blog posts’ virality. Discover the topics your readers prefer and share most.

Semantic validation

Check your content quality and coherence. Improve it for semantic indexing from search engines.

Getting visible is required before a product launch. It can’t always been done quickly, so instead of tossing a coin, here at Elokenz, we decided to set up our little visibility challenge, to get some early traction before the official Launch.

Some weeks ago, I blogged about how issues could be seen as challenges thus increasing stamina and motivation. Obviously … I wanted to apply my own recent advice about turning problems into challenges.

My current objective is to get more ‘visible‘. This visibility is twofold. I am looking for more fans and followers for this very project, but also for my own self. This blogpost will try to define concrete numbers I need to reach, and the strategies I’ll experiment to get there.


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