Editorial Guidelines

Our Team’s Editorial Integrity Is Never for Sale

ToolsWeLike is an independent review website that features independent web development tools from across the industry. We have committed to our readers to provide content that’s honest, transparent, and a realistic reflection of the tools we feature.

ToolsWeLike Editorial Team


ToolsWeLike is not affiliated with any of the products we feature. Should we be associated with a specific brand or have any form of advertising deal, we will be transparent about the matter. Otherwise, we are a third party, independent review site featuring the best products that have been researched and tested by our team.

Our Review Process

All content published on the ToolsWeLike website undergoes a significant fact-checking process. Our research team will analyse the products, and the review is then written, edited and fact-checked before being released to the public. Furthermore, we regularly review our content to ensure that it is up-to-date with the latest product information.

Our Tone of Voice

As tech guys and gals, we don’t want to boggle your minds with ridiculously complicated jargon that left you feeling more confused than before.

Fear not! That’s not our style.

Instead, we make the complex, simple. So gone are the days when you doze off reading a 10-page article about web development, only to hire a guru as you’re now filled with fear. Rather, we’ve summarised key points and always use simple, straightforward language to guide you through easy-to-use tools.

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Written by
Max Thompson
ToolsWeLike Founder

Max is a Productivity Consultant with a Focus on Tech and Software for Businesses. He’s here to help your business grow with reviews on the top apps, programs, & training. He has written about tech for the best part of three decades but still looks as youthful as ever.