DeepCrawl Review
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What Can You Do With Deepcrawl? Review

User Behavior and SEO

With the implementation of new innovations in search, like semantic, more complex relationships and interactions between users and search engines arise. No longer do we have to use quotations, “and,” or other symbols to direct search engines – they have evolved to understand user intent. Along with this greater understanding, comes a desire to go beyond simply comprehending the types of pages with relevant content to serve up, but also which pages and results will provide the best experience for the searcher.

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were designed to improve speed and user experience across all devices and platforms, by cutting down on many of the components that can slow down web pages. This means AMP pages render much faster than regular web pages. Originally created for news articles and blog posts, AMP will eventually incorporate other types of content pieces and platforms.

Advanced Duplicate Content

Most SEO’s and marketers are familiar with the issues around duplicate content, and are probably already using a tool like DeepCrawl to identify pages with duplicate body content, titles, and descriptions.

But when you start to think about what duplication really means, things stop being black and white, and get really messy.Here’s our guide to advanced techniques for detecting, measuring, and solving duplicate content issues using advanced techniques.


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