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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

How To Write A High-Converting ‘Start Here’ Page Review

It’s called CheeseWeb, and it’s a blog dedicated to “slow travel.” Slow travel is staying in one place for longer periods of time while you’re on the road and having full experiences in each place you stay.

When I stumbled upon it, the incredible photos and gorgeous design of the site made my mouth water. As an armchair traveler, it has now become one of my favorite travel sites.

One of the reasons why the site appealed to me during my first visit was CheeseWeb’s amazing “Start Here” page.

The page told me:

  • Who the main CheeseWeb writers are
  • Why they started a slow travel blog
  • Where I could find their best content
  • How I could connect with them via email and social media

By the time I was finished reading the “Start Here” page, I had become a die-hard fan of the site’s main writers, Alison and Andrew.

Since becoming a fan of their site, I’ve noticed more “Start Here” pages on various sites around the web. I’m now fascinated with this effective way for content marketers to create fast and valuable bonds with new readers who cross their paths for the first time.

Want to Be an Amazing Writer? Read Like One

When it comes to reading, there are two ditches modern-day web writers may fall into. Both are notorious, unrefined, and dangerous — especially if you want to be more than an ordinary writer.

On one side, you have the ditch of never-ending digital content where you spend all your time reading online.

Your day looks like this:

  • You begin with the latest Copyblogger article and a heavy dose of articles from news sites by the time you down your third cup of morning coffee.
  • During lunch, it’s a dash through some popular and arcane sports, fashion, cooking, or interior design blogs (but not any by that potty-mouthed she-devil who can’t stop talking about her cowhide throw blankets).
  • In the afternoon, you gobble up several articles on LinkedIn, 99u, Fast Company, and the fun ones you find on Facebook.
  • Late at night, you start reading your third brand-new James Patterson novel of the year (and it’s only May!) on your Kindle (not quite online, but still digital).


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