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Conductor C3 Release 2015 Review

During the C3 Opening Keynote presentation, attendees were introduced to three new Conductor Searchlight features. Director of Product Strategy, Vishal Berry, and Strategic Account Director, Chase Kreuter, took everyone through an ideal workflow. Watch the full demonstration to learn more, and deep-dive into each of these new features below.

From The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab at C3 was bustling this year. It’s always been Conductor’s goal to make it as easy as possible for marketers to execute on organic marketing, and to manage their web presence in influential new ways. We have made some significant upgrades to the Searchlight platform’s performance and capabilities, in addition to the exciting new features demonstrated below. Some enhancements showcased at the 2015 Innovation lab are: an increase in the total number of available Content Segments and the ability to edit Smart Segments. We have also added 18 new search engines, giving users even more international sources to collect data from than ever before.

Audience Intent Explorer

Get inside the minds of your consumers, with Audience Intent Explorer. Quickly discover new areas of interest around your highest priority topics. Suggestions are prioritized according to their potential to drive traffic and conversions. You’ll dominate the conversation.

Conductor CMS Suite for Adobe Experience Manager

With this new plugin, we’re bringing Searchlight recommendations right into the content management system. You’ll have better performing content right out of the box, and a stronger organic presence from the first click of “publish”.

Competitive IntelliScope

Competitive IntelliScope enables you to compare your keyword search performance with other domains. Identify who your key competitors are, and how your content is performing against theirs. Then take action on the opportunities that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Conductor C3 Conference

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