Code My UI Review
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Updated 13 March 2020 by Max

WebSite Design Inspiration Review

This is an experimental pull to reveal navigation menu designed by Lewi. Click and hold anywhere on the screen and pull down to reveal the hidden navigation menu.

A nice little-rounded toggle switch that you can use in your web projects. Click on it toggles from on to off state, neatly depicted by green and red colours.

This is a great way to showcase your book related products on an eCommerce site. Hovering over the books will open it and flip the pages to reveal a download button. Designed by Codrops.

Do you want to showcase a website and show how it will look like on different devices? This snippet will help you do exactly that.

Want to showcase a flyer on your website? Look no further this cool snippet is a great way to showcase your flyer that your visitors can interact with.

If you want to add an awesome image gallery with 3D rotation to transition between the various images on click have a look at this code snippet.

Code My UI

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