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Updated 09 May 2019 by Max

Keyword Categorisation Tool Review

Categorising keywords is something you have to do if you would like to do any sort of proper analysis on your research or performance. When you are working with hundreds to thousands of keywords, it becomes a real pain in the ass to correctly classify and categories keywords effectively.

So I dug around, and found this magical formula, that let me categorise a keyword based on any text found within. It doesn’t need to match a whole word, just a few characters. Hell, you could categorise the keywords based on finding a single letter if you want to. You give it something to find, then the pretty category name and you’re done. This means you can join all sorts of keywords, into a single category.

Main Uses

  • Seperate out service types
  • Categorise keywords with a location
  • Seperate out brand from non-brand
  • Categorise based on intent, ‘buy’, ‘cheap’, ‘review’, etc
  • Seperating keywords into site sections

The tool works from the bottom the category list and works it’s way to the top. Don’t ask why, just think of it as magic. But it will find the first one that matches, then use that category. So just keep this in mine when ordering your ‘find’ columns.

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